Zac Posen Fall 2006

Alright, I’m biased. Zac Posen is a fashion guru and he’s cute to boot. Did I mention the celeb debutantes love him? Either way, you can’t fault him – he always pulls through with droolworthy and timeless sets. His fall line is no exception. Instead of following the herd with the plaids, the ruffles and the punk designs, Zac showcases a line of taupe and black satins with artistic flair. Missed the event? Dont fret – here are some highlights:

17.jpg 25.jpg28.jpg8.jpg

adore you.


One Response to “Zac Posen Fall 2006”

  1. sarah jane Says:

    You mean there is something else in style besides plaid? That’s good. I like all of these but that first one is extra delicious. Thanks, from a first-time reader (of your blog)
    oh man, this was posted 2 years ago?! shows how much I know.

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