Shopping on a Budget – Below the Waist

It’s easy to get the “in” looks when you have more than a little spare cash. For everyone else, fashion is achieved after hours of laborious bargain hunting and scavaging. For me, the fall shopping season has already begun. Featured below are some of my budget friendly finds.

Denim. Skinny is still in. I heard the whole Old Navy Skinny Jean craze and figured I’d save you the trip – it isn’t worth it. Yes, the jeans are $25, but they are also poor in quality and not very flattering. Instead, try these on for size.


Black Lux Tapered Jeans found at Urban Outfitters. For $48 you get both the cut and color of the season, as well as an extremely versatile pair of jeans. Pair with flats as shown here for everyday casual, or dress them up with a wedge, pump, or tucked into boots for your nights out.


Retailing for over $180, but now available for $91 at Shop Intuition, these Siwy Classics were spotted on more than a few celebs (apparently, Rachel Bilson is a huge fan). Anyway, for under $100 you can get the same look.

Pedal Pushers.

Alright so they aren’t exactly a “huge trend”. Whatever that means. But, if you want to spruce up your wardrobe this is the way to go. Pair these Alvin Valley’s, found on sale at Shop Bop for $82.50, with the Seychelle heels below and a basic top for a fun and classy outfit.

Tights. They’re back and they’re stronger than ever.


Add style and originality to any outfit (for just $28) with these tights by Free People. They’ve made a HUGE appearance on the runway and are rumored to be one of falls biggest trends.


Hold on to those footless tights of yours – they’re here to stay. Why not add another pair to your collection? On sale for $1.99 at Urban they’re more than worth the “investment”.



The first time I saw them, in late spring I fell in love with them. Now? My love has only grown. Priced at $28.99 at Macy’s these Rebels flats are a must have for fall and beyond.


Dying for a kitten heel? Invest $49.99 in these Seychelles found at Urban Outfitters. Wear them with your stovepipes, pencil skirt, balloon dress – they’re probably one of the most versatile shoes around.

Stay tuned for the next edition. I’ll try and tackle shirts, accessories and at some point (hopefully) boots.

adore you.


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  1. ruinnaTaf Says:

    OK, let me repeat that… I want everyone to know about my insurance hearing A joke for you peoples! What did the sailor say when he saw a boat loaded with ewes? Sheep ahoy!

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