Fall is all about…well, Plaid

Ready for fall? In addition to the stovepipe jeans, the high waisted trousers, and the frilled shirts you’re bound to buy, invest in a few plaid pieces…because plaid is back. As always. Every year fashion magazines and divas alike scream “plaid” – isn’t it obvious already? Plaid is fall. We know, we’re armed and ready. But, just incase your closet is out of ammunition here are a few designer pieces you may fancy, oh and I’ve added a few that will be sure to leave some spare change in your wallet.

Up first is a plaid dress by LAMB. I hate to admit, since I really hate singers/actors turned pseudo designer but Gwen Stefani’s brand really grew on me. The dress, complete with silk lining, retails for $365.00.


Yes, the price is daunting. Check out Arden B.’s version for less than half the price, $128.00 to be exact.

Combine two of fall’s upcoming trends: plaid and ruffles with Diane von Furstenberg’s latest tafetta blouse. Made of 100% silk, the blouse is completely versatile. Dress it up with a pencil skirt and a wedge, or keep it casual by pairing it with a pair of stovepipe jeans and your favorite flats. The price? An eyepopping $215.00.


And finally, stay warm when the weather turns cold with this plaid jacket by Juicy Couture. Yes, its Juicy. Hard to believe. Which brings me to another point, the jacket is cute and all but do I really want to shell out $395.00 on a Juicy Couture piece?


adore you.


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